How long will they last?

We’ve tested Lifting Giants for 100+ uses with EAB tape. Carefully removing tape from the surface and regular cleaning will help keep them at their best. 

Why are they shaped like that?

Lifting Giants have been developed using anthropometric and ergonomic hand data from 110 lineout lifters. The specific profile and depth ensures maximum surface contact throughout the lift for every player.

Do they really work?

Lifting Giants really do work! But don’t take our word for it – download a summary of the Independent Performance Testing Report provided by The University of Glasgow from our website.

What are they made from?

Lifting Giants are made of EVA closed-cell foam. It’s lightweight and comfortable, as well as UV, water, tear and bacterial resistant.

Do they stay in place?

To improve staying power, we have increased surface contact with the wearer’s thigh by 35%. However, like any supports, they stay in place as well as they are taped! For help taping Lifting Giants watch our ‘Taping Tutorial’.

What if my Lifting Giants slip?

Tape adhesive, sweat and water don’t mix - even with the stickiest tape! One way to help Lifting Giants stay in place during extreme conditions is to put a single layer of EAB tape under the supports before strapping them on as normal. Using PVC tape above and below the supports can also help – watch our ‘Taping Tutorial’ for more information.

How can I bulk order Lifting Giants?

For bulk orders for clubs or schools (all countries), contact us directly at hello@liftinggiants.com.

Where can I buy online?

Lifting Giants are currently only available to purchase via our website in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. 

For EU orders in France, Spain, Italy and Germany, please shop via our Amazon store, here.

For USA orders, please shop via our partner World Rugby Shop.

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I want to distribute Lifting Giants

If you would like to become a Lifting Giants distributor, contact our Sales Manager at steph@liftinggiants.com 


  • Read the instructions to get the most out of your Lifting Giants. Available on the packaging and website here.
  • Speak to your lineout lifters and ask where they want Lifting Giants placed. Everyone has their own style and lineouts are a group effort!
  • Take your time when taping them on. Don’t apply the tape too tight and avoid gaps below the tape (webbing) – keep the tape in contact with your thigh and the support for the best results. View our taping tutorial here.
  • Tell your teammates! Lifting Giants work best when everyone wears them. That way your lineout lifters get a consistent surface no matter who is jumping.


If in any doubt, speak to us at hello@liftinggiants.com